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The Detective Lynley Series

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ESSAYS BY ELIZABETH GEORGE Here we will archive Elizabeth's essay on various subjects, including her writing, people she has met, and our country.

Susan Elizabeth George Essay example Susan Elizabeth George is a competent British author with a rich background. She wrote many distinguished books and won numerous awards, which all began when she was a teacher at El Toro High School.

Susan Elizabeth George is a competent British author with a rich background. She wrote many distinguished books and won numerous awards, which all began when she. MEA CULPA.

The Detective Lynley Series

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Essay about Elizabeth George - A Brief Biography of Elizabeth George (with a smidgeon of literary criticism-- and a short bibliography) Susan Elizabeth George was born on February 26,in Warren, Ohio, to Robert Edwin and Anne (Rivelle) George.

Elizabeth’s Message to Readers WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS. It was from my longtime cold reader that I had my earliest indication that my thirteenth novel With No One as Witness had the potential to touch my worldwide readers on a deep and emotional level.

When Susan had completed her reading of the second draft of the novel, the first thing she told me was that, when she reached the death of.

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