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In this Article: Article Summary Sample Quotes Putting Quotes in Your Writing Citing Quotes Using MLA Style Citing Quotes Using APA Style Citing Quotes Using the Chicago Manual of Style Community Q&A Using direct quotes in essays is a great way to support your ideas with concrete evidence and to make your argument come alive.

Essay 1 Featuring Jeffrey Gundlach The Moment of Truth for the Secular Bond Bull Market Has Arrived By John Mauldin “The moment of truth has arrived for [the] secular bond bull market![Bonds] need to start rallying effective immediately or obituaries need to be written.”.

Use a block quote for quotations longer than 3 to 4 lines. When using MLA format, a block quote should be used if the material you are quoting is longer than 3 lines of verse, such as in a poem. If you just created the block quote, you can hit the "Undo" button. It's the blue arrow at the very top of the tabs on the left.

If that isn't available, highlight the paragraph you want to "unblock" and right-click.

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Quotation marks are often confusing to ESL writers unfamiliar with English grammar and punctuation rules. When to use double or single quotation marks is even trickier.

Put block quote essay
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