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What Was Special About Pre-Islamic Arabia?

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Pre-Islamic Arabic Literature

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Rulership and Justice

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Poetic Form: Qasida (Guest Post by Ren Powell)

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Essay on the Pre-Islamic Arabian Society

In pre-Islamic society, people looked to the Qur'an for guidance and for a code of conduct, similarly in post-Islamic societies; the Qur'an was the book of the faith of Islam, thus becoming the book that told Islamic Muslims everything from what to eat to what they were allowed to eat.

Pre-Islamic Arabia 1 Pre-Islamic Arabia Nabataean trade routes in Pre-Islamic Arabia Pre-Islamic Arabia refers to the Arabic civilization which existed in the. The pre-Islamic poetry was very fine and unique, it became the linguistic standard of the interpretations of the Qu’ran.

It is noted that the pre-Islamic poetry was a central aspect of tribal humanism and in a sense contributed to Islamic humanism (Hoyland, ). Arabia is a huge nation whose area is 3 million square kilometers.

Women, Sexism and Classical Islam

From ancient times this land was split into three states. There were Yemen, Hijaz, and the Arabian Desert. It is explained that during the time of existence of pre-Islamic Arabia, there was not the fixed institution of marriage.

The patriarchal and patrilineal marriages were not only the legitimate forms of the marriages which were practiced in that period of time.

To get a unique essay. Hire Writer. In addition to this, Islam gave women the right to seek divorce. In pre Islamic Arabia,only the husband had the right to give a divorce. A divorced woman or one seeking divorce was also given the right over her children.

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