Investigating terminal velocity essay

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PAG - Investigating Terminal Velocity There are a lot of ways to investigate the terminal velocity of an object moving through a fluid.

How to Design a Parachute

You can drop paper cupcake cases, or in this example a ball bearing through bubble bath. Ballistics is the science that deals with the impact, path, and velocity of projectiles. Some people say ballistics is the science of projectiles in motion.

Keywords: parachute terminal velocity, The three factors I was investigating were the mass, length and height of drop of the parachute where in each experiment one variable was being changed.

The main aim of the essay is to see how various factors affect the terminal velocity of a parachute. Terminal velocity is the velocity at which an object in freefall no longer accelerates due to gravity because the drag force of the surrounding air equals the gravitational force of Earth.

Terminal Velocity Apparatus: A cm ruler A bun case - (to represent the parachute) A clamp and stand A stopwatch Method: The clamp and stand was set up at the edge of the table.

The distance from the floor to the top of the table was measured and recorded. Nov 24,  · c. Complete Table 1 by determining the terminal velocity of the hydrometeors based on their radii. Using this terminal velocity, and assuming a fall distance of m, calculate the fall time and state whether the hydrometeor is cloud or rain.

Investigating terminal velocity essay
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Falling through a high viscosity liquid